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6 May 2023

Easter Show here we come!… We saw all of the weird and wonderful sights, shopped until we dropped, tried delicious easter show foods in the Woolworths Dome, patted cute and cuddly farm animals and so much more!

hit the road! after picking up our keen Trusted Travellers, we went to The Grounds of Alexandra for a yummy lunch to get to know our new friends before heading to Elizabeth Farm.

Budjari Naami Darug Nurawa – Good to see you on Darug Country.

As we arrived to Elizabeth Farm we took in her breathtaking beauty and historical charm. We were greeted by the friendly staff who taught us how to say ‘welcome’ and ‘welcome friend’ in the Darug language. Elizabeth Farm is a restful homestead with a restless history. Darug dispossession. Convict rebellion. The toppling of governors. Family turmoil. Built in 1793 for the young military couple John and Elizabeth Macarthur and their growing family. Elizabeth Farm today is an ‘access all areas’ Museum. There are no barriers, locked doors or delicate furnishings, the furnishings are replicas from the original homestead. Set within an recreated 1830s garden, Elizabeth Farm is Australia’s oldest homestead and most immersive house museum.

After learning all of the history of the farm, we ventured to our accomodation to unpack and have some down time before heading out for dinner.

Tonight we chose to have a middle eastern dinner at Massaya Lebanese Cuisine, it was delicious and just what we needed after a big day travelling.

Day one at the show.

Today we woke up refreshed and ready for our first big day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, first though, we found a lovely cafe to fuel our bellies before beating the crowds.

We started the show with the Animal Walk, we went to the Sheep and Fleece Show, saw sheep shearing and some young auctioneers, auctioning sheep. Ladies demonstrating spinning wool into yarn ready for knitting. Then we said hello to the prized Turkey Champions of the show, visited some chooks and we even got to see some baby chickens, it was also very interesting seeing so many different types of eggs that were getting judged.

Next up was the cheeky goats and the cute pink piglets having a nap, so cute we wanted to take one home with us!… We went to say hello to the animals in the farmyard nursery then bumped into some cows getting milked.

We checked out the Steel Animal Sculptures they were amazing! They were made out of scrap metal. We even saw the vintage tractor displays.

While we were waiting for lunch, the street parade came past us and we couldn’t resist having a dance to join into the party, the atmosphere was alive with everyone having a great time. After lunch we went to the Show Bag Pavilion to find our favourite show bags to take home with us.

After a big day at the show we decided to venture back to our accommodation for some down time before returning back to the show for more fun into the night.

The excitement was far from over! We headed to the Giants Stadium, found our reserved front row seats!… we were ready for a night of entertainment, hot dogs and fun! We watched the Wrangler Federation Rodeo Challenge, Sydney Royal Horse Show Tentpegging, Chicken Run – this was hilarious! Two chickens on quad bikes being chased by a cheeky fox! The Thunder of a Thousand Hooves, David & Goliath, and the dare devils Freestyle MotoX Team doing jumps in the air on motorbikes!

To finish the night off we watched the Fire Works! on the way back to the bus we snuck a quick cheese on a stick in to try… after all we are at the show.

Day two at the show

We started our day off with a delicious buffet breakfast before heading to the show for our second big day! Still so much more to see and do. We wondered around looking at farm animals from The Kings School, sheep, goats and llamas, they gave us some lettuce seedlings to plant at home to watch grow. We went to the Hands on Farm, saw cows getting milked and learnt how the farmers separate full cream and light milk. We ventured into the Sydney Royal Flower and Garden Pavilion and had a look at the beautiful displays, some very talented people entering their fine work for everyone to admire. We taste tested different types of honey and some of us went home with some creamed honey to enjoy, they even had a Bee-Zeebo… with bees and bee hives inside! We checked out the prize winning cakes of the show and wondered around looking at the diverse array of artworks on display and much much more.

Next up! We checked out The Woolworths Fresh Food Dome! Wowsers… lots to see and taste, they had displays from the Western, Northern, South East QLD, Southern and Central Districts, made up of fresh fruit and vegetables, it was amazing to see just how creative the displays were. We walked around the many stalls taste testing different foods, sauces, teas, lollies etc, and we even tried Cricket Chips!… They tasted just like corn chips with a little extra protein.

It was time to win some furry friends, one of our travellers scooped up some yellow ducks with her net and won a teddy bear to take home. We went for a ride on the Ferris Wheel taking the best views of the show, then we ventured off to do some rides, so much fun had by all.

It was lunch time, we feasted on Roasted Turkey Legs and Pork Hocks before heading to the Dog Pavilion and Domestic Animals Competitions. We watched the Wood Chopping before calling it a day.

Our last day in Sydney

Today we woke up ready for our last day together with our new friends, we headed to Circular Quay, we walked under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, explored The Rocks – old Historical Buildings and we climbed the stairs to the top! at the Opera House. Had our last meal together at the Historical Orient Hotel before parting ways back to our friends and family. Thank you! Sydney Royal Easter Show! once again, we had a fantastic time. See you next year