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20 October 2020

Meet today’s traveller, Tanneke! She loves sightseeing and the experiences she gains on holiday but like most of us she enjoys the food the best.

First thing’s first, do you have a travel nickname?

No, I wish I did though. 

 What was the last holiday you went on and what did you enjoy about it most?

The last holiday that I went on with Trusted Travel was in September this year to Port Stephens. What I enjoyed most about that holiday apart from the beautiful scenery were the fellowshipping, the brand-new house that we stayed in and how well Dave, the Support Staff looked after us. I guess that is more than one answer. 

What’s your favourite holiday destination in the world and why?

My favourite holiday destination in the world would probably be Bali, Indonesia because of its natural beauty, the friendliness of its people and most importantly, the food. 

What’s the one place you wish you could go and why?

The one place that I most feverishly wish I could go to would be Tokyo, Japan because it’s just so different from anywhere else especially Australia. It’s condensed in terms of population, it’s a leading nation worldwide in technology especially electronics, it has anime and it’s famous for its cuisine. 

 What’s the one thing that you always take with you when you travel?

The one thing that I always take with me when I travel is my mobile phone because I’m always running late in the morning and I love my music. 

What’s your favourite thing about travelling with Trusted Travel?

It’s a bit hard to pick one thing since I think Trusted Travel is so good at what they do. But the most thing that stood out is how reliable and trustworthy its Support Staff are. Other factors – accommodation and the quality of food are always great. 

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself with us?

 If you haven’t gathered it by now, I’m a bit of a foodie especially when it comes to Asian cuisines. 

 For a person travelling with a disability whether it be independently or with support, what advice would you give them?

Don’t let your disability stop you from enjoying your holiday and having fun. We are lucky that in Australia we have NDIS and great NDIS Service Providers such Trusted Travel to make fantastic holiday experiences possible for people with disability. 

Do you have any final words of wisdom to share?

Yes, don’t be surprised that on your travels you’re going to meet such nice, friendly people. I believe that people are basically good people and that hasn’t always been the case for me. For a long time, because of my disability I had an erroneous thought that people don’t care for people like us. The irony is in order to break that thought, you’ve got to reach out and one of the ways to do that is through travel.

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