Accessible Options
15 September 2020

Get to know one of our most avid Trusted Travellers, Grace West. Grace has been on over 6 holidays with Trusted Travel since she found out about us in 2018. We thought it was time that you got to know her as well as we did – She’s a legend around the Trusted Travel office.

First thing’s first, do you have a travel nickname? 

Apparently I do, it’s Westy. On my first trip to surf camp, there was another Gracie there and we both kept getting confused when people were talking to us.

What was the last holiday you went on?

Gold Coast 2019.I had met up with Trusted Travel at the caravan park as I was working on being a solo adventurer so I went up to Queensland a week early so I could explore and see my friends who live there. My adventure was mostly successful except for the part about leaving my wallet in Sydney…


What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Probably Byron Bay, that trip was chill and I made a friend with the receptionist at the place we stayed at there – If you read this Shelly, HI! I’ll be back eventually, better have the pool ready for me.

What’s one place you wish you could go and why?

Is Mars an option? ‘Cause that would be cool, Kel get on that! 

Hmmm… If I had to choose a place on Earth, I’d probably go back to Disneyland in America, it’s an unbelievable atmosphere and I was happy every day when I was there and was the first place I ate waffles.

What’s your favourite thing about travelling with Trusted Travel?

Getting to meet new people, having fun and making new friends.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I ate only dessert on one trip away with the Trusted Travel crew.

What advice would you have for someone travelling with a disability?

If you’re on a Trusted Travel adventure, don’t be scared to ask the Support Workers for help, that’s what they are there for and they will help anyway they can with anything, just don’t ask Dave where the bin is. If you’re travelling by yourself, introduce yourself to travel staff like flight attendants, tour guides, front desk people at hotels.

This way you can let them know any needs you may have ahead of time and for the most part, if you be polite and friendly to people, they will keep an eye out for you to make sure you’re doing alright on your solo adventures.

Any final words of wisdom?

Sean and Kel are the best at organising trips, Kel is super quick to reply to emails even if they have nothing to do with Trusted Travel. Ida is energetic and talks a lot, Dave is a chilled out free spirit, Lucas has a cool beard, and everyone at Trusted Travel is cool and nice.

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