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10 October 2022

Meet Elise. She’s a sports fanatic, loves reading autobiographies and is a self-described Trusted Travel enthusiast. We sat down to for a chat about travel, tennis and much more.

So, Elise. You might be one of our most regular Trusted Travelers. How many trips have you been on over the years?

I have been on 10 trips with Trusted Travel going back to my first one to the Sunshine Coast in 2019.

And do you have a favourite trip?

That’s really hard one. Phillip Island earlier this year is fresh in my mind. The parade of the penguins was a highlight of that trip.

I also love the sports trips and went to State of Origin with Trusted Travel this year.

And I know you’re a massive Manly Sea Eagles fan. We’ll forgive you for that. Do you have any other favourite sports, hobbies or interests?

Besides the mighty Manly, I also have a wider love of Rugby League. I really like State of Origin and the New South Wales Blues. Tennis is another one of my favourite sports.

Tennis you say? I understand you’re off to the Australian Open in January? You must be looking forward to that?

Yeah, I can’t wait. I am going with Trusted Travel. I will be cruising down to Melbourne with other tennis fanatics. I’m looking forward to seeing a range of great matches.

Ok, while we’re talking about it, do you have an early prediction or tip for the Aussie Open?

Swiatek is probably my favourite for the women’s draw.

Nole (Novak Djokovic) will probably win the men’s draw but it would be nice to see an underdog go well.

And now the obligatory bucket list question. If you can go to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Think Big!

Another hard one. I have always wanted to go to New Zealand and am lucky to be going there next year with Trusted Travel. I will be going on a cruise and seeing lots of beautiful sights.

But if I could go anywhere? I think the US Open in New York City!

What would be some words of advice you have for someone travelling with a disability?

If you need support on a trip don’t be afraid to find a company like Trusted Travel with the most awesome support workers.

Also do your research and go for the type of holiday you’re interested in. Whether you like sports, adventure or a relaxing trip, there’s a perfect holiday out there for you.