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23 May 2023

Meet David. The only thing David loves more than watching sport is the open road.

So David, where do you come from?

I was born in Murwillumbah and have lived in northern New South Wales for my whole life except 6 years that I spent on the Gold Coast.

Ohhh awesome. What a beautiful place to live. What does a day in your life look like?

I work at a supported employment centre packaging organic foods, herbs, spices and cooking needs. It’s in Tweed Heads.

What was the last holiday you went on?

I went to Sydney for a boys trip. We rode Harley Davidson trikes over the Sydney Harbour bridge and all-around Sydney which was awesome. I also loved the ferry ride to Manly and the view from Centrepoint Tower.

Do you have a favourite holiday destination or favourite Trusted Travel trip you have been on? 

So far the sport trips have been my favourites. State of Origin in Perth was an unreal experience and I also went down to Sydney to watch my first ever Grand Final. Ohh and to Melbourne for the Australian Open. Those are all trips I will never forget.

What’s your favourite thing about travelling with Trusted Travel?

It takes the stress and anxiety out of travel. Little things that some people take for granted like getting on an off planes can be quite challenging for others so having support makes a big difference. The Trusted Travel support workers are all awesome and I feel well looked after.

The range of trips they have available is great. There is always a trip available to somewhere that I would have liked to have gone anyway but may not have been able to.

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