Accessible Options
5 August 2020

You know that feeling that you’ve forgotten to pack something? It’s awful right, especially when it’s something you REALLY need! 

We’ve come up with a list of the TOP 8 most important things you need to pack when coming away with Trusted Travel.

8. Swimmers

It’s winter now, but summer’s JUST around the corner. Every hotel and cruise ship nowadays has a pool and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to relax in the sunshine while staying nice and cool. We always pack our togs no matter where we’re off to, just in case.

7. Hat and sunscreen

On that same note, you don’t want to have to stay in the shade all day just because you forgot a hat and sunscreen. You’ll enjoy the surroundings more if you can stay sun safe and don’t get burnt – Ouch!

6. A Fancy Outfit (or two)

Everyone loves to dress up and feel special. We always like to make sure the travellers feel like they are number one and what better way to do that is to dress up for a night on the town! Dinners, shows, dances – we always turn heads when we walk into a room.

5. Chargers

This is the one that we ALWAYS forget but is so important. Phones, watches, iPads, FitBits, EVERYTHING needs charging nowadays and a holiday is when you need these things most! Don’t miss the opportunity to share your holiday with your friends online, track all those steps or pushes that you’re doing and most importantly, take plenty of pictures. Speaking of…

4. Camera

The best way to remember a holiday is to go back through your pics. You’ll remember how you felt, how good the food was, how great the people were, what you’d done that day…Then you can show and tell all of your friends about what a great time you had! We make sure we get PLENTY of pics of our travellers because we don’t want them to forget a SINGLE moment.

3. Photo I.D. and Licenses

This one is a super important one. You need photo ID to check in EVERYWHERE – Planes, trains, hotels, you name it, they’ll check it! We always make sure when our travellers are checking in from their departure destination that they have it on them. 

2. Medications (if you need any)

Our staff are trained to administer medications safely if you need that support but bringing them along on a trip that could be up to 2 weeks is SO important!

In our opinion, Webster-paks are the way to go to keep all of your medications nice and organised and easy to track while you’re away. Make sure they’re packed, correct (right doses, etc.) and are in date. If your meds are organised and ready to go, travelling with us should be a breeze!

1. Yourself

Lastly, the best thing to bring on a Trusted Travel holiday is yourself. Without you, no Trusted Travel adventure is complete without you joining in on the fun and sharing a memorable experience with your friends.

That’s that for our list of important things to pack when travelling! Do you have any other suggestions or comments?

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