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21 March 2022

We stayed in a lush apartment in the heart of Bondi, just a short stroll to the beach, which we saw in all its glory! In the 4 days we were there we had record rainfalls, gusty winds and beautiful sunshine. We took in the sights from inside our car, watching the rain pelt against the car windows, the strong, moody waves crashing on the shore, and watched as locals were running around trying to escape the weather. And when the bad weather cleared, we got out and into the sunshine, getting that Vitamin D and enjoying the fresh air.

We took in more sights around the city! We walked from Darling Harbour to Hyde Park, checking out places in between. We walked along the Bondi Coastal Walk where you can see up and down along the east coast of the eastern suburbs. We drove over the bridge to Milson’s Point where we got some great pics of the bridge and harbour and gave our best cheesy grin in front of the Luna Park smile! We got up in the sky when we took in the views from Sydney Eye Tower and saw some sights from underwater when we went to Sydney SeaLife Aquarium. The highlight of the trip was definitely checking out the sights of Sydney FROM THE HELICOPTER!

We’ve seen every view of Bondi, Sydney City and Sydney Harbour and we’ve seen them from every angle possible! In between all the sightseeing, we managed to squeeze in some bowling at Kingpin Darling Harbour and ATE! We cooked up a feast in our unit, ordered up a storm when we went out and tasted different coffee from different cafes every morning before we headed out for the day.

This trip had a bit of everything and should’ve been named the “Sydney Ultimate Aviation and Sightseeing in all four seasons!”