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19 May 2022

Sunshine, animals, food, show bags, rides and fireworks were on everyone’s minds as we started our adventure in our trusty bus (whom we’ve very affectionately named “Trippy”) – we were all set for an action-packed few days away, chatting and making friends along the way.

We made our way to Parramatta Ferry Wharf to start and jumped on the RiverCat for a lovely scenic cruise to Circular Quay. It was an hour and a half trip each way, taking in all the wonderful sights of the Parramatta River that leads into the Harbour; What a stunning view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! We grabbed a quick lunch and had a stroll, taking some photos of the ferries and the Harbour before we made our way back along the river as the sun was setting in the west, a perfect Kodak moment.

It was getting late, so we had dinner before heading to the hotel to check in for the night. We dusted off our first day in Sydney and prepared for the reason we were all there: The Sydney Royal Easter Show.

We woke up and wandered down to our delicious buffet breakfast. This morning was a slower morning as we were going to stay late at the show to see the fireworks at the end of the night.

The 2022 Royal Easter Show was a super special one, as its the Royal Agricultural Society’s 200th show! Wow! What an achievement for all involved!

Trusted Travel were honoured to be there to help celebrate this wonderful milestone. Can you believe the very first Royal Easter Show was in 1822?!

First stop, we checked out the market stalls on the way into the show, some of us even had our star signs read to predict the future… We’re pretty sure it did say we were going to have a fabulous day. We ventured off to see some sheep, goats, ducks, chooks and even got to see baby chickens hatching out of the shell; nature is amazing!

While there, we stumbled across the Big Brother House! So. Much. Excitement had by all to be able to go inside and check it out! Surprisingly it was a lot smaller than we imagined – Big Brother Mansion? Big Brother Tiny House!

That afternoon we wandered around the Show, eating lots of yummy different foods, enjoying coffee and ice cream. It started to rain, so we ventured to the Show Bag Arena, it was heaving with show-goers trying to stay dry. We shopped until we dropped; so many amazing show bags that we had to do a trip back to the bus to unload. We then went back and bought some more!

We made our way to the Main Arena to watch the live entertainment: the RES Hot Air Balloon take off while a herd of horses galloped around with Australian Flags, singers, acrobatics, motor bikes doing jumps and spinning in the air… Too much to see all at once!

Finally, we got to the end of the day and the fireworks display was definitely worth the wait. The atmosphere was electric!

We arrived at the day of our last breakfast together. Over brekky, we chatted about the awesome day we had yesterday! And we wanted to all go back, there was so much more to see and do!

Today was a group-choice day and we decided to bowl.

We packed our bags and headed off to Kicks Tenpin & Arcade and just like that, it was ON.

“Team Scott” and “Team Lisa,” head-to-head for the battle to end ALL battles. Luckily it was an even draw (crisis avoided).

Next up was a ride on the XD Dark Ride Motion Simulator, an incredible interactive experience – If you haven’t been, we can HIGHLY recommend it! Followed by some gaming in the alley, air hockey was a fantastic hit. After having a blast, we headed to the bistro for our last lunch to round out the trip. With amazing memories to treasure until next year, we headed home.