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28 July 2022

Check out the itinerary for Trusted Travel’s upcoming culinary tour of multicultural Sydney

Did you know Sydney is considered to be the 2nd most multicultural city in the world? With almost half its population born abroad and home to over 250 languages, Sydney is truly one of the world’s great melting pots.

The benefits of Australia’s migrant history are many. People “from all the lands on earth” converge in our cities and share many of the wonderful aspects of their home cultures with the people around them. This makes for a side of Sydney that most tourists, and even many locals, miss. It is the Sydney where the aromas of Middle Eastern food fill the streets, where the chaotic excitement of an Asian city comes to life in our very own backyard.

Over the next few weeks, we are going on a journey into some of Sydney’s best enclaves to sample authentic food from all around the world. This week we look at Indian cuisine and culture in the adjoining neighbourhoods of Wentworthville and Westmead.

Sydney Harbour

Suburb Profile: Westmead

Location: 26km west of Sydney CBD, directly to the west of Parramatta CBD

Population: 16,309

Demographic Snapshot: 36% of the population born in India – other significant communities from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, China and Nepal

Suburb Profile: Wentworthville

Location: 28km west of Sydney CBD, 3km to the west of Parramatta CBD

Population: 11,318

Demographic Snapshot: 36% of the population born in India – other significant communities from Sri Lanka, China and the Philippines

In Westmead and Wentworthville, you find the best and most authentic Indian food in Sydney. You can grab samosas and bhaji to eat on the move or sit down for.

A Bit About Indian Food

India is a massive country! It is home to 1.4 billion people and counting. It is broken up into dozens of regions and sub-regions each with their own unique culture and culinary tradition. This makes it extremely hard to generalise about the nature of Indian food.

Most people agree that Indian foods are generally rich in spice and flavour. Rice is the main staple but lentils and most meat protein can be found in dishes all over the country. Flavours like turmeric, chilli, cumin, ginger and cardamom are central to food culture all over India.

So, what do we recommend as the best, must try “Indian” dish in Sydney?

Assorted Indian food on wooden table

Our Recommendation – The Best Biryani in Sydney

If you were forced to hone in on a single food item that is universal to every corner of India, it may well be Biryani. Put simply, Biryani is an Indian spiced rice dish topped with a meat. It is the most ordered dish on food delivery services in all of India.

For the best Biryani in Sydney, we recommend Desizz (28 Station Street, Wentworthville). Give their tender Hyderabad style goat biryani a go or, for a vegetarian option the Tikka Paneer (Indian cheese) biryani. Delicious!

Bowl of biryani

One More Recommendation

Kerala is a seaside province in southern India and its cuisine is closely linked to the delicious fresh seafood found in the area. Get some awesome Keralan style fish curry at Manna Cuisines (74 Hawkesbury Road, Westmead)