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26 November 2021

The Disability Trust acknowledges and regrets the imposition to the lives and culture of Aboriginal people which occurred as a result of European colonisation in Australia.

We recognise that the Aboriginal peoples of Australia maintain a diversity of living cultures and a unique and deeply felt attachment to country.

As an Australian service provider, The Disability Trust acknowledges and respects the ongoing strength of the spiritual presence of the Aboriginal nations on which we operate. We acknowledge that they remain the spiritual custodians of this land and water.

We believe that Australia will only become a mature nation if the past is acknowledged, the present understood and the future confidently base on the co-existence of rights.

In a spirit of Reconciliation, The Disability Trust will:

  • Continue to develop the cultural competencies of staff;
  • Provide access to services for Aboriginal people and work collaboratively with Aboriginal groups to ensure a coordinated approach to service delivery that respects Aboriginal culture;
  • Listen to and respect the aspirations of Aboriginal Australians and work in partnership with the local Indigenous community for a future based on shared values, social justice and cultural diversity;
  • Provide equal employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal people;
  • Undertake to consult the traditional custodians/local Aboriginal residents about actions which impact on Aboriginal people, their heritage, culture and custodianship of the land;
  • Uphold the legal and human rights of Aboriginal Australians;
  • Support the recognition of Aboriginal people in the Constitution.

This Statement of Reconciliation is offered in the confident hope that the spirit and practice of Reconciliation among all Australians will be nurtured and grow strong.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our Statement of Reconciliation.