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7 December 2020

The trip left off from Wollongong with the Home and Away theme song blaring for the Home and Away + More! trip. The bus ride was full of singing, getting to know each other and discussing some juicy Home and Away secrets. A guessing game also took place about which Home and Away star we would see on our meet and greet. Little did we know that we did not see only just one star, but multiple as we were luckily enough to see the filming of the show while at Palm Beach! We stole some cheeky selfies and maybe even snuck into the background of a few shots – We’ll have to keep watching Home and Away to see if we made it into the show.

But it was Colby (Tim Franklin) that stole our hearts at the meet and greet on Thursday. He even revealed some top‐secret information that we have to keep quiet about – Sorry!  Many selfies and photos were taken that will remain profile pics for a very long time and we even got autographs that will be cherished forever.

We visited the famous Summer Bay Surf  Club, Alf’s Bait Shop and a few of the houses on set, one of which we got to go into the backyard of! Some of us even trekked it up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse which overlooks all of Summer Bay – What a fantastic view.

But that’s not all the stars we saw! This trip is called Home and Away + More! for a reason and the “+ more!” was not to be missed!

Off to Bondi, we went to visit the world-famous Bondi Beach, hoping to meet some Bondi Lifeguards. We were lucky enough to meet 2 of  the lifeguards, Hoppo and Corey – This trip just keepers getting better and better.

The meeting of the stars continued, but this time in wax form at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. We filled in the rest of our days in with exploring Darling Harbour, visiting the Art Gallery of New South Wales to see a mural painted by people with disabilities and, of course, watching Home and Away every night at 7:00 PM!

If this trip sounds perfect for you (or are you more of a Neighbours fan?), book now for the 2021 February or April departures!