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14 September 2022

We arrived at the Ibis at Darling Harbour in the morning and had lunch overlooking the Harbour. The

weather was overcast but we crossed over Pyrmont Bridge to Cockle Bay to see Madame Tussauds

Waxworks. Our afternoon was filled with a many fun Photos with the Stars…. even Alf Stewart from

Home and Away was there. After such a big day we were all a little tired so a relaxing dinner at the

Hotel was enjoyed by all.

Saturday started with a smorgasbord breakfast at the hotel and then we drove to Bondi Beach for

some fresh air and have a look at the art work on the promenade. Although the rain was on and off

that morning, when we arrived the sun came out shining brightly, so we went for a short stroll. Two

of the participants were keen Cronulla Sharks supporters so we headed to the Cronulla area and had

a lovely lunch at the Cronulla Golf Club (the Leagues club was closed for renovations). Then it was

off to Paddy’s Markets for a spot of shopping. In the evening we dined on the waterfront at Darling

Harbour’s Olivio restaurant and watched the coloured lights of the buildings from the warmth of the


Sunday was Home and Away day. The bus travelled from the Rocks to the Beach to pick up our

mystery home and away actor. It was the handsome Tane (Ethan Browne) who joined the trip and

signed everyone’s autographs. Then we were off to the clubhouse used in the film set to have lunch

at Café at Palm Beach. We travelled back to Manly and were shown some the houses used as film

sets for the show. Dinner was at Rashays at Darling Harbour.

Monday started with a continental breakfast at the hotel then off to see the tranquil Friendship

Chinese Gardens near Chinatown. The water dragons and turtles were seen sunning themselves in

the middle of the lake on this beautiful sunny day. Since we had gone to Cronulla territory on

Saturday for lunch, today for lunch, we all decided to go to Manly Leagues Club for our other keen

football supporter. It was time to say our goodbyes and head for home.