Accessible Options
23 February 2022

Meet Tracey who is one of our fantastic support staff members here at Trusted Travel! Get to know Tracey below.

How long have you been supporting people with disabilities to travel?

7 months.

What has been your favourite trip you’ve been on with Trusted Travel?

I have enjoyed most of them as they are each very different. I love new adventure, being somewhere I have not been before, enjoying the trip as it unfolds with the participants for the first time. If the weather was better the Sunshine Coast trip would have been great. The Sydney Adventure Getaway is fun, full of adventure. The farm stay was laid back and relaxing. It’s hard to pick, because they all offer something different to experience and enjoy. Sometimes it’s nice to be busy and moving and other times its been nice at a more relaxed pace.

What is your dream holiday destination?

I have many:

– Bali/Nusa Lembongan

– Italy

– Greece

– Croatia

– Vietnam

– Fiji

– Maldives

– California

– Darwin

– Uluru

What do you enjoy the most about supporting people to create amazing holiday memories?

I enjoy getting to know new participant, learning about their disability, how best to support them and encouraging them to have the confidentiality to do what ever they want in life. I love their excitement for their new adventure and being able to share it with them brings me so much joy and happiness. Being their tour guide, ensuring they are well looked after in every way possible and entertaining and spoiling them while taking great photos for their memories, is my pleasure. It all makes for an amazing holiday.

Do you have any advice for people with disabilities wanting to travel?

Yes, go for it, you only live once, go and have the time of your life, you deserve to. Meet some wonderful people just like you who may turn into long life friends. Experience new places, grow your knowledge and know you will be very well looked after by Trusted Travel Staff who will ensure good support in every way. Take the plunge and enjoy some different adventure and fun.

It will expand you as a person and give you the self-confidence to learn and grow.