Accessible Options
23 February 2022

Meet Ida Lanyon who is one of our fantastic support staff members here at Trusted Travel! Get to know Ida below.

How long have you been supporting people with disabilities to travel?

3 years.

What has been your favourite trip you’ve been on with Trusted Travel?

Many, many favourites, with Uluru, Queenstown – New Zealand, South Pacific Cruise and The Whitsundays being at the top of the list.

My number one favourite was Bali, a destination with so much to offer. Our group enjoyed the stunning spiritual scenery of the countryside with its temples, waterfalls, the adrenalin-packed day at Waterbom, markets and beaches. Every night was exotic and we had delicious meals followed by dancing and karaoke at the resort. In between incredible sightseeing, there was time to relax in the tropical resort pool. Bali was the most wonderful destination with the most amazing group of travellers.

What is your dream holiday destination?

For me, a dream holiday is to be immersed in a new culture in a destination I haven’t visited before. I love to hear new languages, try new foods and go on adventures to explore new areas. I like to see what’s around the corner and this keeps me going and going. I’m dreaming of going to Machu Picchu in Peru – next on the bucket list.

What do you enjoy the most about supporting people to create amazing holiday memories?

Being with incredible participants in beautiful places and watching their smiles and laughter brings me such joy!!! I so enjoy being able to help participants to be independent and confident in new destinations with new friends.

Supporting and watching participants smashing goals on the trips is just so rewarding. On every trip, participants are conquering goals. For example, a beautiful participant hadn’t been swimming for many years which was an activity she once loved. We made it happen off a little Island in middle of the South Pacific when she was on an 8 day Cruise with Trusted Travel. A real highlight for all of us.

I enjoy meeting new and diverse participants and also catching up with the many repeat travellers. Trusted Travel is really friends going places.

Do you have any advice for people with disabilities wanting to travel?

Just do it!!! We’re here to do the organising and take the worrying out of the equation. That’s our job. The first day, initially, may be, for some, a little daunting but after meeting your new friends and hitting the road it’s fun, fun, fun!!! Trusted Travel holidays are time out from your usual routine in a safe and comfortable environment with people that don’t make judgements and want to try new experiences and enjoy life.

Second from left: Ida Lanyon