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10 October 2018

All our travelers on the “Home and Away + More” holiday checked in and settled in nicely to their rooms with a spectacular view of Darling Harbour. They relaxed into luxury, put their feet up and watched the new episode of Home and Away. Spirits were high, smiles were bright all ready for the tour the following day.

Our travelers’ explored Sydney Harbour, stopped for photos at the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House and then enjoyed lunch along the waterside!

Then it was time to let the official Home and Away tour to begin!

An absolute must for Home & Away fans!! The real life Summer Bay was such a great experience! Our group visited the surf club, the actual Summer Bay beach, Alf’s bait shop, the boat ramp, we got to try real props used in the show and visited other key locations…. we even got some sneak peaks for the season finale!

We visited houses used in the show and you guessed it, nothing could take the smile off these faces all day!

After the tour we headed back to the hotel to relax after a long day and watch the one and only……….. Home and Away. Thanks goes to the tour company for such a spectacular day!

On our final full day we went to Bondi Beach and visited Bare Island. A picture perfect day, we got to chat to the life guards at Bondi Beach, enjoy lunch along the water side and we even had a historical experience visiting Bare Island where Tom Cruise filmed his motorcycle scene in Mission Impossible.

One our final evening together in Sydney we embraced our Italian side and enjoyed some delicious pasta and pizza!

Overall a brilliant getaway. With an abundance of fantastic experiences and great friends!