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26 March 2023

After arriving in the beautiful city of Adelaide we started our adventure by exploring the beauty of the city’s historic buildings and facades. We wandered around looking at the old sandstone buildings, including the Adelaide arcade, and took in the beautiful architecture the city has to offer.  We visited the famous Haigh’s Chocolates and stocked up on some delicious treats!   After dinner, we settled into our hotel rooms, looking forward to our adventure the following day.  

We visited the famous Adelaide markets where we enjoyed some more delicious local food! We jumped on a tram and had a relaxing ride over to famous Glenelg beach.  Our travellers enjoyed a refreshing drink at the hotel and a ride on the Ferris wheel overlooking beautiful Glenelg beach.  Later that night we enjoyed a magic show at the famous Adelaide fringe festival.  Scott even got asked on stage and was made to disappear in thin air!   

The next day we enjoyed all the animals at Adelaide Zoo followed by watching the Umbilical brothers at the Fringe Festival.  We also visited Old Adelaide Gaol where we learnt about some of Australia’s oldest criminals and how they ended up inside the historic prison.  

All of our travelers had a ball and returned safely to family and friends after a wonderful holiday!