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3 September 2022

Yuma – Hello from Ngunnawal Country.

We were so excited, leaving HQ – in anticipation of seeing snow and for some of us, for the very first time. Our first stop was Mt Ainslie with a spectacular view of Canberra. A great opportunity to get to know each other and go for a great walk. Our first dinner was at the Durham Castle Arms – a relaxed British style pub.

On the second day we rugged up, in warm beanies and snow gear and headed to Corin Forest for a day in snow. When we left Canberra, it was raining and raining. As we got closer and climbed the mountain, the rain turned into snow !!!! We were all so excited to see it snowing and in awe of the spectacular scenery – a white blanket of snow covered the ground and the trees – it truly was a winter wonderland. We hit the slopes and had so much fun. Snow throwing and making a snow man was the highlight, and the whole time, it continued to snow. Lunch was in the nearby Lodge, by the fire – pizza and hot chocolates.

After a short rest back at the hotel – we went to the German club for dinner – yummy Snitzel and dumplings. We finished the night, with a boogie with some of our Canberran Trusted Travel friends at the Northside Recreation group’s weekly disco.

Our 3rd day, took us to Questacon – museum with more than 200 interactive exhibits relating to science and technology – very entertaining. After lunch we had a fantastic stroll around the National Zoo. So many animals – was unreal. Many highlights , with the – stand out, being the majestic Lion who roared, so loud and bared his big fangs !!

After an early dinner we went to Mulligans Flat for a Night Walk. Each with our own red torch , we went for a walk in the woodland sanctuary and got a taste of what the Australian bush might have looked like 100 years ago. Amongst the eucalypts, we had the rare encounter to see animals, on the verge of extinction – that is the Eastern Bettong and Eastern Quoll. Bettongs are like a mini kangaroo and super cute. They feed on native truffles. A very special and rare experience. We also watched a sugar glider going from one tree to another.

Our 4th day, we ventured back to the snow and this time we got to experience the adrenalin of tobogganing. We all loved it. Of course we had more time to play in the snow and make more snow castles. Our Trusted Travellers made the most beautiful and intricate castle – and named it the Trust Mahal !!!

In the evening we went to the Kingston Hotel for dinner and were joined by some of our regular Canberran Trusted Travellers. Was truly Friends going places and coming together for a catch up.

On our last day we fitted in more sightseeing and went for a walk along the foreshores of Lake Burley Griffin and went to the National Gallery of Australia , which is one of largest art museums in Australia – very spectacular. Lunch by the lake and fountain and then big goodbyes to some of our travellers. We all agreed it was a week of incredible snow adventure and sightseeing and were beyond happy that we had made new friends.