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10 April 2023

We began with our head in the clouds, dreaming of the glorious Phillip Island. Then in a blink of an eye we awoke beside our plane windows, soaring through the clouds with the morning sun lifting our smiles. This was a dream come true. Goodbye NSW!  

G’day Victoria, the eagle has landed! With lunch in our tummies, we embarked on a long and entertaining car journey from the airport, soaking up the barren and timeless landscape of Victoria. Soon enough, we could taste the salty seaside and arrived on Phillip Island. “How’s the serenity?” pretty much summed it up. Our motel was directly across from the beach and featured its own restaurant and pub in which we feasted in on our first night. 

Our first day involved exploring the local town and visiting Churchill island. Now unlike our roads on the mainland, the Island roads were infested with free-range geese; Cape-Barren Geese , which were almost bigger than some of us! We spent the day relaxing in the English gardens on Churchill Island and fed the farm animals, along with watching a whip-cracking contest.  

The following day we visited our furry friends at the Koala center and fed them their veggies. We relaxed back at the motel while some of us went for a dip in the local beach. To conclude the day, we travelled to the renowned Penguin Wildlife Park. After a lavish seafood dinner, we ventured down the boardwalk to the underground penguin viewing platform. At eye level, almost beak to beak, we watched hundreds of fairy penguins clumsily stampede their way up the beach and into their nests. Sometimes they would stop in their tracks and stare right at you, waving their flippers Hello! And once again, we fell in love with the gorgeous wildlife Phillip Island had to offer.  

Our last days involved a scenic walk along the coast to watch seals and a visit to the Antarctica exhibition. It was very chilly!! We also indulged in one of the finest creations of planet Earth: CHOCOLATE!! Like little children, we ran rampant through the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. Here, we watched chocolate being churned and drizzled and could even create our own. Everyone spent most of their money here as there was a tremendous array of chocolates to choose from – so you may as well get them all. It was a salivating experience! 

While saddened to leave Phillip Island, everyone returned with unforgettable memories which will be cherished forever. We will miss you Phillip Island! You have stolen our hearts and have proved dreams do come true.