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Ever wondered what it's like to be a part of one of our recent supported holidays?

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Cool Bananas in Coffs

“Let’s go” said two very excited best friends from Wollongong travelled to Sydney Airport to meet up with two other very excited best friends from Canberra. It was sure to be a fun adventure as the girls became acquainted with greetings of hugs, smiles and banter at the boarding gates. We were given the red carpet treatment from Rex Airlines and were driven to the aeroplane to board first as one of our travellers required the use of the airport hoist. Rex Airlines were very hospitality and caring toward our needs.

3 Hilarious Moments from the Trusted Travel Vault

They say a photo speaks a thousand-words. At Trusted Travel we have thousands and thousands of photos from hundreds of trips over the years. So that’s millions of words worth of photos, right? We have pictures of breathtaking vistas, amazing action shots and beautiful moments of joy and friendship.We also have hundreds of photos that capture a hilarious moment in Trusted Travel folklore. Here are just three.

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