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18 January 2022

We left from Wollongong early and split up our drive by stopping to watch the hang gliders at Stanwell Tops, followed by a walk along the Cronulla beaches. After checking into the hotel, we spent the afternoon at Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, playing games and driving dodgem cars. We finished the day by grabbing some much-needed sustenance (pizza) from Enmore and having a chill night before the sites and crowds tomorrow.

Day 2 started with buffet breakfast at the hotel followed by a short walk to Comic-Con; some clients opting to join in the dress-up fun. Comic-Con was filled with music from our favourite movies and plenty to see. We took photos with some of our favourite superheroes and movie stars, played video games and bought loads of goodies. After collecting some souvenirs, we headed to Parramatta from Olympic Park for lunch. When we arrived, we were surprised to happen upon a Christmas Fair, packed with rides and games next to the river. Full of excitement and comic book vibes, we spent the afternoon watching Venom at the cinema followed by a pub feed and ice cream.

Day 3 started with an unplanned upgrade to the Novotel before heading to Comic-Con again; It was great to see the new costumes and characters that we didn’t get to see the day before. Our travellers got a collection of comic books, shirts and posters to take home and remember the weekend by. We caught a ferry from Olympic Park to Circular Quay for some lunch surrounded by Sydney Harbour. With a spring in our step, we jived next to the boats, playing Christmas party music on the Harbour while taking in the sights of Sydney. Making sure to celebrate birthdays even when on holiday; we had dinner at Outback Steakhouse complete with birthday cake and ice cream (one of our travellers felt particularly special that night).

On the final day we quickly packed up our hotel rooms and headed back down the coast. To break up the drive, we stopped at Bare Island Fort, Camellia Gardens and even caught the Archibald Prize exhibition.