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12 July 2019

From a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains. Our excited group of travellers embarked on a journey to the red centre of Australia, home to the traditional culture and history of our nation. From the rusty coloured rocks, to the mixed yellow sands, the vibrancy of The Outback left us in anticipation and excitement for the upcoming adventure.

Our first rendezvous in our quest took us to Alice Springs, one of the most isolated towns in the whole of Australia. Here, we were given a taste of local life with a visit to the Araluen Arts centre, which was hosting the Alice Spring’s Beanie Festival with over 7000 items of clothing on display. We were also given the opportunity to visit the Australian Royal Flying Doctors headquarters in addition to spending the afternoon watching the sunset across Alice Springs atop the famous ANZAC Hill.

During our stay, we were quickly made aware of the sheer scale and barren natural beauty of the region as we joined a guided tour into the West McDonnell Ranges. Known locally as the West Macs, these starkly beautiful mountains rise from the desert floor like red giants. We ventured into canyons, scaled through gorges, dipped our toes in oasis-like waterholes and learned the history and traditions of the Arrente people, while even visiting the ghost town of Arltunga.

However, nothing could quite prepare us for our visit to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. These two landmarks are quintessential features to The Outback and hold an immense cultural importance within the local Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara communities. Here, we heard traditional stories of the people, we reflected on Australia’s past and connected with the local culture.

Our time in the Outback was a celebration of all things traditionally Australian. Not many people make it to the famed red-centre. Even fewer do it with the fun and flair of Trusted Travel.

With everyone’s bucket lists gaining an extra tick, we made our way back East with a renewed spirit of adventure and memories to last a lifetime.