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17 April 2019

Our group of travellers certainly took the bull by the horns on our recent farm-stay holiday at Mowbray Park. Our group consisted of old friends from way back and some new friendships were made.

Our participants did not shy away from getting their hands (and shoes) dirty and really embraced “life on the farm”. We fed and attended to all sorts of farm animals. The lamas and donkeys in particular had big appetites and were happy to see us coming with the buckets of feed. The lamas were very cheeky! We were shown how to shear the sheep and we even got to milk the cows! 

It was cool to check out all of the old farm equipment and learn about the history of the place. Mowbray Park is old!!!! We enjoyed good old fashioned, country style cooking in the dining hall and the rustic dining shed. It really felt like olden day farm life.

There were so many activities to do, we were certainly never bored! For those keen there was horse riding, archery, boomerang throwing lessons and canoeing on the river. 

Blair and the other farm workers were great and made our farm-stay holiday a fantastic experience. Even the resident farm cat made us feel welcome! We will definitely  be back another time.