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2 October 2020

Tuesday morning, we set off an adventure to The Morvern Valley Farm. Our first stop was Robertson Pie Shop where we enjoyed a meat pie or sausage roll. After a delicious lunch, we jumped back on the bus and headed to the farm. When we arrived at the farm, we unpacked our bags and settled into the cottages – The accommodation was beautiful! We travelled into Moss Vale where we shopped for supplies and we spent the afternoon enjoying a cup of tea overlooking the farm valley where one of the beautiful horses joined us for a spill. For dinner, we made our own pizzas as a group before settling down by the fire to watch a movie and finally relax.

On our second day, we woke up to the chickens clacking away and a rooster crowing. Our team of farmhands collected fresh eggs to enjoy with bacon for a great Aussie farm breakfast. First thing after brekky, Jason the farmer introduced us to Jack the 27-year-old horse – Jack enjoyed being brushed by the team before eating all our carrots. Jason the farmer then showed us the lambs which we were lucky enough to bottle feed milk. After all the farm animal excitement, we set off to Moss Vale Club for a delicious lunch. We all got to know each other a little better at lunch before we headed to Coles for some groceries for dinner round 2. Once we were back at the farm, we played a couple of games and chilled out. We whipped up some fantastic chicken schnitzels, chips and salads for dinner, we settled in by the fire, roasted some marshmallows and finished up by watching a movie.

On day three of our farm adventure, we woke to a cold Bundanoon morning. For breakfast, we enjoyed a delicious plate bacon and eggs with a hot tea, coffee or Milo. We then headed out for a treasure hunt hike. On the hike we encountered all sorts of farm wildlife; rabbits, ducks, horses, a cow hiding, alpacas and a statue of a koala and kangaroo. After the hike we enjoyed fish and chips for lunch together and an afternoon of relaxing activities like watch a movie, do some puzzles, play some card games, collect twigs for a fire and feed the animals. For dinner, we headed to The Porterhouse Bistro at The Moss Vale Hotel for a big country feast for our last night away. After dinner we enjoyed popcorn and Milo while watching a crowd favourite – Toy Story 3.

Day four started off with a big hot breakfast of, say it with us this time, bacon and eggs. After packing our bags and loading up the bus, we fed the animals one last time and said goodbye. We had a quick break on the way home at Lake Alexandra in Mittagong. We stretched our legs and had a walk around the beautiful pond, ducks and fish aplenty. We headed to Mittagong RSL for a last wonderful lunch as a tightknit group of friends after which we jumped back on the bus and headed back to Trusted Travel HQ. It was a great week enjoying the best of the Southern Highlands – Thanks for having us Morvern Valley, back again soon!

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