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6 July 2022

Winter arrived, and while it was snowing in other parts of Australia, we kept ourselves snuggly warm on our Supercalifragilistic trip to the see the Mary Poppins stage musical in Sydney. We had lunch in Darling Harbour followed by a stroll around the National Maritime Museum on our first day.

We all unpacked and rested to get ready for a scrumptious dinner at the Ibis Hotel and, wouldn’t you know it, VIVID Sydney 2022 was on so we went out to see the spectacular VIVID liquid and light show in Darling Harbour We walked around to Cockle Bay Wharf on the floating walkway and watched as 48 water cannons blasted harbour water 80 metres into the sky to the music and lights. Some of the participants chose to ride the Ferris Wheel and saw the entire city come alive with lights from the VIVID Festival.

The next day was Mary Poppins day, and we were all super excited to see the show. After a smorgasbord breakfast supplied by the hotel, everyone got dressed up for the matinee performance of the show in the Lyric Theatre at the Star Casino.

Mary Poppins did not disappoint! It’s a magical story about how Mary (Ms. Poppins to you) can turn every chore into a game and an adventure. The singing, magnificent costumes, unbelievable dancing (sometimes on the ceiling) and flying through the air kept us all spellbound. It is a story about family and more importantly how anything can happen if you let it.

The food highlight of the trip was a visit to Olivo at Darling Harbour where we feasted on the meals of our choice at the water’s edge and again watched the VIVID fountains of light at our window. One participant wanted the trip to go on, so she did the walk around VIVID at Darling Harbour after dinner as well! Hey, when in Sydney…

The last day of our trip came too soon. After another delicious breakfast at the hotel, we were off to Paddy’s Market for a spot of shopping and lunch. On the way to home, we managed to squeeze in a trip to the Campbelltown Arts Centre which was surrounded by tranquil Japanese gardens, for a few Kodak moments, forever immortalising the memories we’d made on our trip.