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23 September 2022

Comedy – Action – Magic – Music and laughter was on everyone’s minds as we meet with our friends at Trusted Travels HQ, and embarked on our adventure on the world famous P & O Pacific Explorer!

This cruise was a very special one! Trusted Travel’s first cruise back since early 2020.

We set sail at 4:30pm out on deck 14, the sail away party was Pumping!!! People were dancing and having a great time. As we went under the Sydney Harbour Bridge everyone new we were all going to have a fabulous time away on our comedy cruise. After all of the excitement, everyone’s tummies were rumbling after traveling all day, and super excited to try the yummy food on the ship, we headed to the pantry for an early dinner. We explored foods from the Curry House, Mexican, Kettle & Bun, Hooks fish & chips, Stix, Nic & Toni’s and of course we couldn’t pass up the Sugar Bar with the most yummy desserts anyone could possibly imagine.

After dinner we headed to our rooms to get ready for our fun entertainment tonight. We ventured to The Marquee and listened to a Rock Band on stage, they absolutely rocked the ship!!!! then afterwards we headed to the Black Circus to listen to a comedy show, we listened to the hilarious Rebecca De Unamuno and Harley Breen.

This morning we had breakfast at the Waterfront Restaurant, afterwards we checked out the shops, Captain hats were defiantly a top seller as well as jumpers and stubby holders to take home as souvenirs of our great holiday. We headed outside to do some whale watching as some of the group got to witness whales this morning having a splash in the ocean… the captain of the ship made an announcement advising us we had headed south all the way down to Tasmania throughout the night, and at the time we were just off Narooma. After relaxing out on the deck having some photo shoots, we headed to BINGO!!!!! we sat there with our tickets and our dotters… it was so much fun!! Unfortunately we were unlucky this time. After lunch, we watched a show in the Marquee – Seven, based on the seven deadly sins, is a wonderful visual feast, twisting and turning through scenes of fantasy and wonderful vocal artists. We had the best front row seats on the ship!! This show was amazing!!

Tonight the group decided they would like to see a show called the Purple Rabbit, we grabbed our tickets and settled into a mind blowing five star evening of circus, magic and mind blowing mayhem! This adults only show was the perfect storm of world class magicians, circus artists and comedy. We were left crying from laughter and shocked in amazement!! This morning we indulged in yet another delicious breakfast, we could defiantly get used to this! How wonderful getting waited on, great coffee and delicious food surrounded by our new friends.

Next up! Yoga and Charades at the explorer hotel followed by a hip hop class with Martin our instructor, we had a fantastic time getting on the dance floor and letting our hair down, so much fun!! Even one of our trusted travel staff, who many moons ago used to be a dancer on the cruise ships, got up to show us his dance moves. After lunch we relaxed listening to live music and having a laugh with our new friends.

This afternoon we had a little down time and packed our bags ready to be collected tonight to disembark tomorrow morning.

Tonight we went to the waterfront and had a lovely last meal together and it defiantly did not disappoint. We headed to the hilarious antics and mayhem of James Bustar! This frantic, manic, energy filled show featured an explosive combination of cutting edge juggling, variety, technology and audience involvement. All infused hilariously together by world record holding Australian variety comic James Bustar!!! He was amazing!! One of our travelers just had to buy his DVD to look back on how amazing he actually was.

This morning was our last morning together, we said our good byes after breakfast, gathered our belongings and disembarked off the ship and headed home to our loved ones.