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25 January 2022

January 26 – Survival Day

The Disability Trust recognises that January 26 is a day of sadness and trauma for the First Nations community.

It is the anniversary of the initial invasion of this continent, which led to the dispossession of land and disconnection from Country and culture, the effects of which are still impacting on First Nations peoples today.

This week, the First Nations community celebrated a huge social justice win with the #FreeTheFlag campaign, which has freed up the Aboriginal Flag to be used without permission or fees, in line with the Australian Flag however, it is important to remember that this does not change the systemic disadvantage that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face regarding the social determinants of health.

We are committed to work with First Nations communities to dismantle the systems that cause continuing oppression and injustice, and walk towards an equitable future together.

If you’re interested to learn more about January 26, please check out Reconciliation Australia‘s Let’s Talk… January 26 publication