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1 June 2021

As we said goodbye to families and friends, we hopped onto our bus and drove off listening to the theme song from Home and Away! On the bus ride, we listened to some great music and got to know each other.

We arrived at the Ibis Hotel in Darling harbour shortly before lunch. We checked in and unpacked before heading down to Rashay’s for lunch. After lunch, we explored the sparkling jewel that is Darling Harbour when we found the Chinese Garden of friendship – Fitting for the friendships we were about to form.

We spent a wonderful time in the garden listening to the waterfall and watching the lizards run across the path. The rest of the afternoon was time to chill out and enjoy the beautiful sights of Darling Harbour, talking about whether or not we’d end up in an episode of Home and Away.

The second day saw us “on the road again” this time headed for the Home and Away tour meeting point. Once we met our tour guide, Al from Flamin’ Galah Tours, we hit the road headed for Summer Bay located in beautiful Palm Beach.

We were lucky enough to witness the cameras rolling. On set at the Bait Shop were the actors who play Nikau, Bella, Ryder and Chloe. Once the director called “cut,” it was our opportunity to meet the stars. We got a photo and a chance to chat with the wonderful Kawakawa-Fox Reo who plays Nikau.

While the cast went to lunch we drove down to the Surf Club and enjoyed a lunch by the beach.

After a great conversation about the set of Home and Away, we made our way back to Alf’s Bait Shop for more filming. This time, there was an old school car in the set. What an amazing experience!

After watching more scene being filmed and the set changed, we headed back onto the tour bus for the next adventure. The final part of the tour was to see the houses of our favourite characters.

After a great day on set, we said goodbye to Summer Bay, we signed a couple of autographs for our now loyal fans, and set off back to the hotel. We walked down to Pancakes On The Rocks for dinner and after a great chit-chat about how amazing our day was, we walked along Darling Harbour once more, just as stunning at night with the lights shining on the water.

Day three of our trip saw us headed to Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach in March is a little chilly but with the sun shining, we still managed to rug up and stroll along the esplanade. Along the beach are spectacular art works along the wall, great for a candid snap. After spending the morning walking around Bondi, we headed back to the city for an afternoon of food, shopping and exploring.

We refreshed ourselves in the afternoon and headed to Kazbah for a fabulous dinner. Dinner was filled with chats about our favourite times on the holiday, swapping stories and enjoying memories of a fabulous holiday.

We grabbed some ice-creams after dinner and watched the Ferris Wheel show us why it was called the “Star of the Harbour.”

Our final day started with breakfast and packing our bags to leave. We headed down the Harbour in the morning to have one last look, walking up and down, getting a good look all the wonderful ships docked in the historic area. Once leaving the harbour we jumped on the bus and headed to the next spectacular location.

Next on our list was Bare Island in La Perouse! An island that is connected to the mainland by a bridge. We walked along the bridge and took in the sight of the waves crashing over the rocks.

As the wheels on the bus set off again, our next stop was Cronulla Beach. You can’t go to Sydney and not see at least three beaches in our opinion. We walked along the beach before heading to lunch at the Watergrill, Cronulla RSL. We had Cronulla Beach in our view, wonderful food on the table and great company.

After such a wonderful morning and a jam-packed week, we were on the road once more with our final destination being home.

Don’t worry, the Home and Away + More tour is coming up again this year.

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