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8 November 2019

A holiday away was exactly what we needed to unwind and explore some of the worlds hidden treasures, while getting up close and personal with some of nature’s largest mammals. Spending three nights away in Huskisson, located along the South Coast of New South Wales, we were quick to unpack and start our adventure.

Venturing out we soon discovered that we were spoilt for choice by local boutique stores and cafes surrounded by panoramic views of some of the world’s most famous beaches.

What more could you ask for with all of this at your doorstep? Well, how about a cruise out into the deep blue sea to meet some of the visiting whales as they made their way up North closely followed by their newborn calves – it’s not a bad way to spend the day!

With a lot more to offer we were off to check out the old ruins of what once was the Cape St George Lighthouse located on the edge of the national park, again we were surrounded by gorgeous views of the coast line both up and down the coast, along the way we met some brightly colored birds, hand feeding the friendly king parrots and rainbow lorikeets was a highlight for some.

Between relaxing by the beach and exploring the local treasures, unfortunately our holiday had to come to an end but not before we jumped on the paddle boats and made our way around the bay, through the crystal clear waters we watched as fish swam beneath us, enjoying our last day in this slice of heaven.