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22 October 2021

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! We started at Trusted Travel HQ, everyone was so excited as we were on our way to Melbourne to see the award-winning Harry Potter and the Cursed Child live stage show over two massive nights.

After a quick bag check for toads, owls and broomsticks, we ventured off to terminal 9¾ and awaited our flight. 

We reached our destination, checked into our accommodation, unpacked our wands and we went to fill our bellies after a long day travelling. We checked out the night lights in the lovely city of Melbourne and returned to our rooms for some down time before bed.

We woke up refreshed and ready for the big day ahead. Today, we checked out the Myer Harry Potter Store in the city, we bought lots of rare merchandise – Enough to make any wizard happy! We had our photos taken on platform 9¾ and had a blast.

After checking out the city, we headed back for some down time before we got into our Harry Potter costumes. Tonight, we had dinner at our hotel restaurant, Sally’s. Tt felt like we were in one of the Harry Potter movies and straight out of Hogwarts with everyone in their costumes!!! We grabbed our broom sticks and made our way to the Princess Theatre to see Part I. The Princess Theatre is a historical building, erected in 1854. With its beautiful chandeliers and stained glass windows it makes the perfect venue to showcase this awesome stage performance. 

Over breakfast we chatted about last nights show and how fantastic it was! The excitement was brewing with anticipation for what will come next in the Finale Part II…

Today we took the tram to the Store of Requirement in Collingwood, some of us enjoyed some delicious Butterscotch Brew and some of us shopped and shopped and shopped… When in Melbourne..!

After another delicious dinner at a funky city Thai restaurant, we made our way to the final show with so much fun and laughter! What a great show with a great bunch of people.

The following morning, we packed our wands and broomsticks and had our final breakfast together as a group, chatted more about the last two nights and how much we all enjoyed such a great show.  We made our way home and said our goodbyes to our new and old friends. We will see you at the next show soon!