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8 October 2021

Sunny Queensland. Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Once again the weather turned it on for Trusted Travel for our recent trip to the Gold Coast theme parks. Sparkling blue skies during the day and warm, humid nights served as a constant reminder that we were holidaying in Australia’s Sunshine State.

This time round we opened the trip with the thrills, chills, dips n spills at Wet’n’Wild, Australia’s biggest water park. From the terrifying twists and turns of The Constrictor and going down the plug hole on The Tornado, to the family friendly fun of Mammoth Falls and relaxed lounging on Calypso Beach, there was something for every pace.

Day two was Sea World. There, we immersed ourselves in the magic of the world’s oceans. Highlights were the rides, sea lion show, polar bears, meeting Nickelodeon characters and the world-famous dolphin show.

Our final day was the big one. The one that all our travellers (and guides of course) had especially been looking forward to. Biggest, tallest, fastest rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere? No worries. Not for some of our brave travellers anyway. On our final day, those who had the nerves and the stomachs, took the DC Heroes Hypercoaster head on. Not to mention an array of other terrifying thrill rides. For others looking for a more relaxed day, we enjoyed Merry Go Rounds, live shows and meeting some of our favourite characters including many superheroes, villains and, of course, the Looney Toons. The epic feed at the Oxenford Hotel that evening was also a highlight.

We returned to New South Wales the following day, our hearts and minds bulging with the memories of yet another amazing trip. No doubt our friends, families and carers will be hearing stories from the Gold Coast for a long time to come.