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26 May 2021

What an action packed trip this was! Our travellers headed to the sunny Gold Coast to revel in the fun to be had at the theme parks and lap up some relaxation at the resort.

Our travellers were split up into three groups with each group attending a different theme park each day. This made for great conversation over dinner as everyone chatted about which park they went to that day, which rides they went on and what they enjoyed most.

And birthdays a-plenty! We had three of our guests celebrating their birthdays while away. Of course, this meant 3 cakes, a party and for those birthday babies who were keen, being thrown in the resort pool! Late night swims and basketball games were a favourite amongst the group.

A definite highlight was one of our participants being chosen by the SeaWorld crew to come down and be part of the show. Sarah was able to feed and interact with the dolphins! She was so happy, it will be something she treasures forever!

David was another lucky traveller who was selected out of the crowd at Movie World to be part of the action-packed car stunt show! He was thrilled and did a great job!

There were many brave souls who took on the fast, scary and upside down rides. From the lightning fast roller coasters to the mega slides at Wet’n’Wild, everyone had an amazing adventure!