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11 February 2022

Any good festival should give you the opportunity to dress up in a dazzling display of self-expression. New South Wales is lucky to be home to hundreds of events, big and small, where dressing up is half the fun!

So here are five festivals in or near Sydney where the costume is king; from quirky regional fairs to the glitziest and most glamourous events on the calendar!

St Ives Medieval Faire

When it comes to medieval fairs, we’re spoilt for choice. One of the big ones on the calendar each year is St Ives Medieval Faire in Sydney’s north.

In September, St Ives Showground will be taken back to the middle-ages full of knights, peasants, blacksmiths, battle scenes, falconers, archery and much more. The thrill of watching armour clad knights collide on the jousting arena is a spectacle not to be missed.

Trusted Travel plan on taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of the St Ives Medieval Faire this year so dust off your shield and get creative. Costumes are very much encouraged at this yearly event! Click the image below for full trip details.

2 people in knight's armour riding horses, jousting


Supanova Comic and Gaming Convention is a yearly event that encompasses all things gaming, science fiction, fantasy, TV, comic books and anime. Supanova is technically a travelling roadshow that sets up in six major Australian cities. That said, the biggest event on the Supanova calendar is held each year at Sydney Olympic Park. The attendance record for a comic convention in Australia was at Supanova Sydney in 2014 when over 50,000 fans attended!

“Cosplay” as it’s known in popular culture circles is an activity and performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Needless to say, events like Supanova bring out some of the wildest and wackiest costumes of any event on the calendar.

Trusted Travel are all about pop-culture! We will be at Supanova Sydney in 2022.

A group of people posing for a photo with person in costume

Mardi Gras

Sydney’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is one of Australia’s most iconic events. It is part pride rally, part street party and part celebration of diversity. Bright, dazzling costumes are absolutely indispensable to the Mardi Gras experience; We encourage you to consider wearing one, or to accessorize with a sparkly headdress or bright colours.

This year’s theme, United We Shine, “signifies that when we band together, we shine brighter. It is a rallying call to stand up against hate and inequality, reminding us that when we rise as a collective, our message of love and inclusion is heard louder.”

Trusted Travel will have a birds eye view of all the glamourous and fabulous costumes as we watch the parade from reserved seats in the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Mardi Gras is almost upon us, read out full itinerary, click the pic below!

A group of people in a tunnel with a stage and a crowd

Steampunk Victoriana Fair Goulburn

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction where history and the future collide. It takes place in fictional futures as they may have been imagined in the Victorian era. Steam powered flying machines, submarines and imaginary technologies of cogs, wheels and pistons rule the day in the world of steampunk. The intricate detail of the period costuming with a futuristic twist at this little festival in Goulburn will leave you awestruck.

The Goulburn Historic Waterworks, on the banks of the Wollondilly River makes for a spectacular and fitting backdrop for the yearly Steampunk Victoriana Fair. The Waterworks is itself a reason to attend this event. This rare facility is the only complete, steam-powered water supply in its original location in the Southern Hemisphere. Its operation is an infrequent event and when they fire it up at the Victoriana Fair you’ll be amazed by the epic power of steam and steel!

Trusted Travel will be heading down to Goulburn for a weekend of sightseeing including a day at the Steampunk Victoriana Fair. Click the pic below to see the full itinerary.

A group of people in steampunk clothing

Blue Mountains Elvis Festival

Living in the shadow of its “bigger brother” in Parkes is not necessarily a bad thing for this much more intimate festival of all things Elvis. The Blue Mountains Elvis Festival includes 13 feature shows, after-event parties, singing competitions and more. Elvis impersonators, both professional and amateur, converge on Katoomba at this event as the mountains are transformed into Graceland for the weekend-long event.

Trusted Travel love a dress up and we encourage our participants to get in the spirit of any event we attend. Shake, Rattle and Roll your way along to this year’s festival with Trusted Travel. Check out our full itinerary here, click the picture below.

A person and elvis impersonater posing for a picture
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