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10 October 2022

Day 1

All travelers met at Sydney Airport on this trip and enjoyed lunch and a great chat before flying to the sunny, Sunshine Coast Airport at Marcoola. On arrival we grabbed our bags, picked up our vehicles and headed for our lovely accommodation which overlooked the water and new estates. Once we were settled we drove to Mooloolaba beach district and enjoyed an afternoon walk along the shop fronts to find a restaurant for dinner. We were very impressed with the wide array of restaurants and aromas and the decision was hard, but the majority chose The Ton Khao Bistro Thai Asian Cuisine Inspired Restaurant, and wasn’t it delicious.

Another trip and new friendships were forming already over dinner.

Day 2

Good Morning sunshine! What a glorious sunrise to wake up to today. We went out for breakfast this morning before travelling to Australia Zoo. It was an exciting drive and everyone could not wait to get there, hoping to meet one of the Erwin’s. On arrival we decided to catch the small park bus to the African Safari which was at the most furthest end of the park, where we seen the Zebras, Giraffes, Rhinos and Meerkats. We then strolled along to Bindi’s Island. On the island we seen Lemurs, Macaws, Tortoises and Boa Constrictors and took in the view of the river where I think the Crocs live, from the Tree House. We viewed the beautiful tigers lazing about in their well provided for enclosure and watched the Elephant show by the man made waterfalls. It was a big park so we decided to take our time walking back past the bird park and through the Kangaroo Park before grabbing a seat in the stands ready for the amazing Bird and Crocodile Shows. After the shows we acknowledged our hungry bellies and chose some food for lunch at the Crikey Café.

On our way back to our accommodation we stopped by The Twinnie’s Pelican and Sea Bird Rescue Park which was not planned and were lucky enough to meet both Bridget and Paula Powers, the founders of this park and famously known identical twins, who grew up the Shellharbour Area of NSW. They were about to feed, but being as generous as they are, showed us through the park quickly while we were there. They do such an amazing job caring for the hundreds of birds in their care and introduced us to Rob the pelican who they raised from an egg that they rescued in the flood disaster.

After a long day of walking we freshened up and enjoyed dinner at the Mooloolaba surf club. One of our groups family members were in town so they joined us.

Day 3

It was another magical sunrise this morning, no clouds in the sky, so we cooked up a healthy breakfast in our room and enjoyed the view while eating before driving to Aussie World for some fun. What a great day we had, there were so many great rides to enjoy; The Booma Zooma Swings, the Mozzi Musta, Dodgem Cars, the Crazy Mirrors, Pit lane, Dingo Racer, Ferris wheel and more and some tried their luck on the clowns and fishing and won some toys. After all the fun and browsed through the shops we ate lunch at the Banana Bender Pub next door. It is such a unique pub, the décor is so quirky with so much to look at and appreciate, and the food was amazing. After lunch we explored the lolly shop, of course, and purchased some goodies before heading back to our accommodation for some rest. Tonight it was back to Mooloolaba to enjoy a feast at the Moom Asian Cuisine Restaurant. And feast we did.

Day 4

After such a busy couple of days we relaxed in Mooloolaba, enjoying coffee and milkshakes at Frankie’s before wandered along the shop fronts to do some shopping. We purchased sushi, salads and burgers for lunch and ate it at the beach before putting our feet in the crispy cool water. After a frolic on the beach we sat up on the grass and took in the amazing view while savouring our delicious ice creams. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the relax today. Later on in the afternoon we drove to the jetty to board the Aquaduck, enjoying the sights around the street of Mooloolaba before driving down the ramp into the ocean. We sailed around the man made islands and viewed the beautiful homes of the wealthy. Grant Kenny’s home was one of them.

For dinner this evening it was back to Frankie’s for Italian, enjoying Pizzas, pastas and amazing salads.

Day 5

We enjoyed a sleep in this morning and took our time to pack our belonging before heading to the airport. Our flight home felt really quick and on arrival at Sydney Airport we said our good buys to a few catching the bus to Canberra, and one who was picked up by their carer and the rest of us caught the train.

Crikey this was a great trip. Get on board the next one if you have not been to Australia Zoo. The beautiful Sunshine Coast is amazing.