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11 October 2019

For everything comic books, anime, gaming and all-round pop culture, one event stands out above the rest on the calendar. At Oz Comic Con Sydney the wonderful worlds of fantasy come to life with vibrant displays of colour and costuming taking over Olympic Park.

On Friday evening we checked into our accommodation and got to know each other over a pub dinner chatting about everything from our pets back home to science fiction fan theories.

On Saturday morning we were surprised to find some members of our group had been replaced by awesomely creative characters. Of course they were still there underneath all the paint and costumes but it sure put us in the spirit to be rolling into the event with Superman, Supergirl, God of War’s Kratos and Ash from Pokemon.

We spent the next 2 days meeting so many of our favourite characters, taking photos with awesome sets, watching premieres of independent short films, buying pop-culture souvenirs and watching live parades of the best amateur costumes in all of the country. Whether we were fans of Lord of the Rings, Phillip K. Dick, Studio Ghibli or WWE, our pop culture itches were scratched.

We spent the train journey home chatting about video games, sharing rumours about the upcoming Star Wars TV series and comparing newly purchased collectables in time to bid farewell to our friends at Wollongong Station.

Trusted Travel staff had an absolute ball and want to thank our amazing group of travellers for an amazing weekend and education in science fiction, fantasy and more.