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16 February 2021

Excitement grew as we departed from Wollongong to begin our journey to Gosford. We arrived at the Galaxy Motel and settled in for a relaxing afternoon by the pool. While some travellers reclined back in their poolside beach chairs, others ventured off to explore the wilderness and discover breath taking waterfalls hidden at the end of the hiking trail.

We began the following day with a trip to Australia’s premier reptile park, aptly named Australian Reptile Park, where we were introduced to variety of animals including cute little koalas and giant alligators. We travelled around the park to check out different exhibitions beginning with the tortoise feeding display followed by a captivating snake venom extraction. After a day of meeting all the animals, we knew we couldn’t leave without something to remember it by so naturally, we shopped up a storm in the Reptile Park gift shop.

The following day was action-packed, starting with an adventure to TreeTop NetWorld where we bounced around on nets suspended in the air! What an experience it was for everyone, running through the air and bouncing around obstacles! After cooling off from a morning of dodging gigantic inflatable balls and climbing nets, we decided to slow down a little bit and proceeded to spend the rest of the day at The Factory, world-famous for its selection of chocolates and nougats. This was one of the most interesting activities we had on the agenda as travellers experienced the chocolate-making process first-hand on a tour of The Factory. We were lucky enough to be given some freshly made nougat to taste! Much like the reptile park, we couldn’t leave without something to remember it by and so we purchased some of the best tasting chocolate in all of Australia.  

Our last full day in Gosford was spent cruising the Hawkesbury River where we ate lunch aboard the cruise and took in the beautiful surrounds. A massive thanks to the team from The Riverboat Postman for accommodating us – We’re a rowdy bunch after all! We went outside on the top deck where we could sit and feel the breeze as the boat cruised through the river, bringing our awesome holiday to a relaxing end.

We returned to Wollongong that day, grateful for the memories and friendships made throughout the trip. We’re all hopeful to return to such a beautiful place with so many exciting and fun things to do. It was a trip that we’ll never forget and our families and friends will surely be hearing stories about our trip for a long time to come!