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5 February 2023

Day One

We Started the Trip at the Disability trust head office.  We all had the chance to introduce ourselves and get really excited to head to Sydney to meet the  ship. 

After singing songs in the van all the way to White Bay we checked our bags in with the staff and cleared our boarding passes ready to board the P & O Pacific Adventure. 

The ship left right on time and we passed two of the world’s most famous landmarks – the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, both perfectly situated on the magnificent harbour. 

Afterwards, we made our way to the Main Dining area and enjoyed a variety of international foods. The cakes were to die for!

Then we made our way to the main show theatre to check out the tribute show  to the one and only  “ Dolly Parton “ . It was amazing ! 

After our big day we went back to our beautiful ocean view cabins to have a rest of  the next day .  

Day Two

We woke up early and headed down to the main breakfast buffet ready to make plans for our big day at sea  

We checked out the gift shops and all the live shows that day.  

We danced up a storm at the main pool area to country music and checked out the open decks all around the ship  

After we had our dinner at the main dining room. We  had a talk about our day  and where looking forward to the show we had booked.“Blanc de Blanc Uncorked”. This incredible live show brings you the finest cabaret and acrobatic talent from around the world, and serves up an intoxicating blend of vintage glamour, risqué humour, opulence, and edge-of-your-seat theatre. We all had a great laugh and some of the performer had a dance with all of us in the show .  

Day Three

We started the day off with a beautiful breakfast at the Water Front Restaurant , 

After breaky, we all decided to go and sit up on the main decks and watch the dolphins jump with the ship. It was something truly amazing. They jumped with the ship for over an hour. We were amazed how fast they could travel with the ship. They were so happy . After we went to watch more live shows in the main show room. We saw two amazing performers from Tamworth sing with a live band and got to meet them after the show. After the show we went and had a beautiful dinner at the main dining room and checked out the disco and more live country music around the ship. We even got to say a quick hello to the captain in the lift heading to bed. 

Day Four

After our big 3 days it was time to get off the ship. We all had a fantastic time and did not want to leave. The P&O staff were so helpful and friendly to us all. We collected our bags and headed back to the Disability Trust head office in Wollongong . On the way back we all had a chat and laugh about the cruise and are looking forward to our next Trusted Travel trips in 2023  

Bring it on !