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28 July 2022

Victoria might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of adventure travel. Travellers are more likely to be in the Garden State for the amazing shopping, live music and café culture Melbourne has to offer than looking for high-octane thrills and spills. If the more cosmopolitan holiday sounds good to you, check out our Melbourne Shopping Holiday  planned for later in 2022.

But if your ears pricked up at the mention of adrenaline, read on to see what Victoria has for the daredevils!

1. Surfing at Bells

Bells Beach, near Torquay, is without doubt Australia’s most famous surf beach. It has hosted the coveted Rip Curl Pro surf competition for 60 years.

This is where Keanau Reeves character from the film Point Break always dreams of making it to. In real life too, a trip to Bells is a pilgrimage that all those with salt coursing through their veins seek to make at least once.

Just remember, surfing is a dangerous activity and somewhere like Bells Beach is not for beginners. Even watching brave surfers take on the waves when the swells are up is excitement enough for many.


2. Abseiling in the You Yangs

It might be stretching the imagination to call the You Yangs a mountain range but this curious little outcrop of hills and rocky crags, rising from the Werribee Plain offers some of Australia’s best commercial abseiling. Best of all, you don’t have to go far. The You Yangs are only 45 minutes from Melbourne and 25 minutes from Geelong.

There are a handful of reputable operators in both Melbourne and Geelong that run adventures throughout the You Yangs’ many gorges, cliffs and crevices. For an extra thrill, find an operator that offers “rap jumping” – forward facing abseiling where you run down a sheer cliff face.


3. Mary’s Slide

Located at Mount Hotham in the Victorian High Country, this is a ski slope not for the faint of heart. Mary’s Slide is often referred to as Australia’s only true inbound double black diamond run. It is fast, steep, narrow and icy. It is absolutely only for very experienced skiers!

Mary’s Slide is named for Mary Wallace, a champion skier from the 1930s and 40s who was the first to take on this treacherous slope. Rumour has it that she pivoted down the whole mountain on her backside!

Marys slide
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Thinking about travelling to Victoria? Trusted Travel will be popping in to Bells Beach to watch the surfers later in the year on our Great Ocean Road Discovery