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3 May 2022

At Trusted Travel we believe everyone travels differently. Some of us like to lounge around on the beach sipping drinks from coconuts. Others like to immerse themselves in the history and culture of a place. Then there’s the daredevils – those who believe a new place can only truly be experienced while upside down or hurtling towards the ground.

Daredevil travellers; this one’s for you. Over the coming instalments, we’ll work our way around the country bringing you a guide to the most exciting activities Australia has to offer.

This week we start our thrill‐seeker’s journey by looking at three heart‐pumping activities in tropical North Queensland.

1. Flying Fox Over Salties

Perched atop the Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns is the Cairns Wildlife Dome, a 20 metre high glass structure home to arguably the easiest and most convenient place for an animal experience in North Queensland.

The dome is home to over 400 animals including Goliath, a four‐metre estuarine crocodile.

The Cairns Zoom is a small zip line course that traverses the dome and ends with a hair‐raising flight across Goliath’s enclosure. Don’t forget to smile at the crocodile!

A picture containing reptile, crocodilian reptile

2. Bungy Through the Canopy

Operated by the one and only AJ Hackett, SkyPark offers Australia’s only commercial bungy jump.

Also found at SkyPark are attractions such as a giant swing and skywalk. But for the true adrenaline junkies, none can match the bungy.

Set in a lush rainforest environment, experience North Queensland’s natural beauty… as you plummet face‐first towards the ground.

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3. Rafting on the Tully River

North Queensland is home to arguably Australia’s best rafting experience ‐ a full day expedition on the Tully River.

With tour operators departing from Mission Beach but also offering pick ups from Cairns, the Tully is accessible enough to tie into your short North Queensland getaway.

With rapid names such as Shark’s Tooth, Jabba the Hut and ‐ our personal favourite ‐ the Devil’s Toilet Bowl, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

A group of people in a raft

Make sure not to miss our next instalment of the Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide when we look at the most thrilling experiences South Australia has to offer!

Thinking about travelling to North Queensland? Trusted Travel will be there later in the year! Check out the itinerary!