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2 December 2021

Monday morning came around, we said goodbye to our families and friends at Trusted Travel HQ. And just like that, our action-packed week began…. off to Dubbo!

Our road trip began by picking up a few of our friends along the way to the Blue Mountains where we met up with the other convoying bus and ate some yummy lunch in Katoomba. With our stomachs full, we continued our journey further inland towards Dubbo spending our first night in Lithgow. Mind you, the cold weather outside didn’t stop us from having a great night!

From the sun coming up to finishing our breakfast, we started our engines and hit the road again. This time stopping for a quick lunch break in Orange where we demolished some awesome burgers. With the afternoon slowly creeping up on u,s we made it to our destination where we’d go on to spend two nights in safari-like cabins on the premises of the iconic Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Waking up and hearing some of the animals less than a couple hundred metres away from our beds was truly an experience! That got us pumped and excited to see all the animals today! With all of us aboard our safari buggies, we began exploring the zoo, seeing some of Africa’s most awesome and extraordinary wildlife right before our eyes. With that being said, our favourites were definitely the lions, the elephants and the white rhinos. After a huge day and with the group absolutely knackered from the excitement in the blazing, there was absolutely nothing better than kicking back with our mates and enjoying a great pub feed …and that’s exactly what we did at an awesome tavern in town.

With our week coming to an end, we packed our bags once more and headed back to Lithgow. But certainly not before heading to check out the historic Dubbo Gaol where we went back in time to see what life was like behind four walls in the 19th and 20th centuries – Definitely a highlight of the trip! We arrived at Lithgow where we enjoyed a nice dinner together at a little restaurant in town to conclude our road trip journey.

Friday rolled around which meant it was home time. For some, we said goodbye in Lithgow, for others we arrived back in the ‘Gong where it all started. What a week it was, definitely an action-packed holiday…and definitely, one crazy road trip – Can’t wait to do it again!