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9 October 2020

What an amazing experience for our travellers!

We kicked off strong, enjoying a delicious lunch down from our accommodation on the water in Darling Harbour. Later that afternoon, to everyone’s excitement we enjoyed a Meet and Greet with ‘McKenzie’, Emily Weir from Home and Away! We sat around enjoying Emily’s company. What an experience to meet this talented person!

That night we enjoyed our accommodation in Darling Harbour and had dinner as a group, getting to know one another and having some laughs. 

The next day we hit the road for Summer Bay! We saw the sights including some of the sets- Alf’s boat shed, the surf club and the famous Palm Beach, where all the action happens! We enjoyed lunch at the surf club with our tour guide and then made our way back via stunning Manly Beach.

On Thursday, we visited Bondi Beach, where we were blessed with fantastic weather and the golden sands of the world-famous beach. We dipped our feet in the water and splashed around in the surf. We enjoyed a nice lunch on the promenade and strolled around the Main Street.

Our last day did not disappoint. Before packing up and heading home, we enjoyed the sights of Darling Harbour and a stroll through the stunning Chinese gardens. We had such a fun time enjoying and exploring together.

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