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5 February 2022

It’s 2022 and we can’t wait to get back to travelling. Our schedule for 2022 escapes is starting to fill up so keep checking the holidays page to see what we have planned. As always, we expect some of our most popular adventures to include catching up with many of the curious critters that call Australia home.

From cuteness and cuddles to staring into the jaws of an ancient monster, here are five awesome bucket list encounters with native Australian creatures.

1. The Happiest Animal on Earth, Rottnest Island WA

Known for its cuddly appearance, wide toothy grin and willingness to pose for a tourist’s selfie, it’s no wonder that the Quokka has a reputation as the “happiest animal on Earth.”

These adorable little marsupials are found only in a handful of bushy areas in the south west corner of the country including on some islands off the coast. By far the most accessible of these islands is Rottnest, located just a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle.

These mostly nocturnal creatures have adapted to island life and with no natural predators on Rottnest Island, can now be seen throughout the day.

Trusted Travel hope to run a holiday to Perth that includes a trip to Rottnest Island later in 2022. Watch this space!

Quokka looking at camera on beaches of Rottnest Island, WA

2. A REAL Dinosaur Encounter, Darwin NT

Warning! Not for the faint-hearted!

Ever wanted to meet a dinosaur? Well Australia’s fearsome saltwater crocodile is a real relic from prehistory. Crocodiles have existed for about 220 million years!

At Crocosaurus Cove, in the heart of Darwin, you can get up close and personal with these ancient beasts. Some may say TOO close and personal! For an additional fee on top of your entry, strip down to your swimmers, snorkel up and jump in the “Cage of Death”. You will bear witness to the awesome bite force of the “salties” as they are fed right before your very eyes.

Crocodile jumping out of water to be fed by zookeeper

3. Our Cuddly Icon, Various Locations

It’s on the “must-do list” for every international tourist that finds themselves in Australia, yet how many of us born and bred here have actually held one of our adorable, tree-dwelling friends? We think that holding a Koala is a beautiful experience that shouldn’t just be enjoyed by our visiting mates from America, Japan or Germany.

There are any number of wildlife parks across the country that offer the opportunity to have a cuddle and snap a photo with this national icon. So find an experience close to home or jump on board a trip to Australia Zoo with Trusted Travel to get your fix of black-nosed, fluffy-eared cuteness.

Full trip details here.

(Cuddly Koala Experience at participant’s expense)

Koala being held by person in blue shirt

4. Parade of the Penguins, Phillip Island VIC

The aptly named little penguins, also known as fairy penguins, are the smallest of the 18 penguin species found throughout the world. Aside from being cute and fluffy, they are the only species that breeds in Australia making them an odd and unique little piece of Australiana.

You can see little penguins at a number of locations across the mainland, Tasmania and small offshore islands. By far the most iconic location, and the one with the most populated penguin colony, is found at Phillip Island in Victoria. Watching hundreds of penguins march across the sand each evening is one of the most surreal wildlife experiences in Australia.

Autumn and spring are the best time to visit the Phillip Island penguins and that’s when we plan to be there.

View Trusted Travel’s upcoming Phillip Island trip itinerary here.

Group of penguins on sand near river

5. Cheeky Little Devils, Various Locations TAS

Relative to their size, Tassie devils have one of the strongest bite forces in the animal kingdom. This makes feeding time at a Tassie devil sanctuary a wildlife experience not to be missed. These curious creatures from the farthest flung reaches of the world are renowned for their ferocity. The deep, guttural sounds that come from the deceptive little tornadoes of fur are enough to make the hairs on your neck stand on end.

Viewings of feeding times happen at any number of wildlife parks across the Apple Isle including Bonorong Wildlife Park near Hobart, The Tassie Devil Unzoo near Port Arthur and East Coast Natureworld in Bicheno.

Trusted Travel have seen the Tassie Devils feed on a number of occasions.

Read our most recent Tassie travel diary here.

Tasmanian Devil