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30 August 2022

Our recent series on the best thrills all around Australia got us thinking. Trusted Travel have had our fair share of hair-raising excitement over the years. Let’s look back at some of those moments as we gear up for more excitement in 2023. We’re even going skydiving in February! See the details HERE.

More big-ticket extreme adventures will be on our website soon, so keep checking in to see what’s happenin’.

Without further ado let’s look at three-times Trusted Travel hit top speed!

1. Ziplining in the Kawarau Gorge, Queenstown, New Zealand

The Zipride at Kawarau Bridge just outside of Queenstown saw some brave Trusted Travellers fly down the canyon at over 60km/h. Maybe next time we’re in Queenstown an adventurer will take the ultimate leap and bungy jump!

Matt Flying High

2. Sea Plane Adventure, Moruya, New South Wales

On Trusted Travel’s first ever Ultimate Aviation Adventure, we headed down the NSW South Coast for a weekend in the skies which included and exhilarating seaplane ride, taking off and landing on the beautiful Deua River in Moruya.

Seaplane Zak

3. The AquaLoop Waterslide, Wet n’ Wild , Gold Coast, Queensland

It’s not the longest, newest or flashiest ride at Wet n’ Wild by any stretch but the AquaLoop may well be the gnarliest. Trusted Travelers who never thought they could muster the courage lined-up, had the floor drop out from under them, free-fell at 60km/h and completed a full loop-the-loop.

Tiana AquaLoop