Accessible Options
13 August 2022

Did you know TrailRider and Hippocampe all-terrain mobility wheelchairs are available for visitors at three of New South Wales’ most scenic national parks? Let’s learn a little bit more about these awesome places.

Note: You will need to bring your own guide and please bear in mind that not all attractions in some of these massive national parks are accessible even with the off-road chairs.

1. The Royal National Park

Size: 151km2 (pretty modest by Aussie standards)

Fun fact: The world’s 2nd oldest national park after Yellowstone in the United States.

Best Sights: Wattamolla, Wedding Cake Rock, Garie Beach, Figure Eight Pools

Where are the chairs?Royal National Park Visitor Centre, Audley


2. Kosciuszko National Park

Size: 6,900km2 (huuuuuuuuge!)

Fun Fact: The headwaters of many of Australia’s mightiest rivers are found here, including the Murray, Snowy and Murrumbidgee.

Best Sights: Mount Kosciuszko, Yarrangobilly Caves, ski resorts (during winter)

Where are the chairs?Snowy Region Visitor Centre


3. Morton National Park

Size:1,997km2 (not exactly small)

Best sights: Fitzroy Falls, Belmore Falls, lookouts near Bundanoon, Pigeon House Mountain

Where are the chairs? Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre