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13 March 2023

Almost everyone has a favourite local fish n chip shop. Often they’re an unassuming local secret with owners that have been there so long that they were elderly back when your parents were kids. They sell their chips by the scoop. This way kids getting out from school can afford to buy some. The unfurling of butcher’s would give the flag at parliament house a run for its money. Good fish n chips at the beach on a sunny day is a quintessentially Australian experience.

Ok, so maybe we’re painting a slightly outdated image of the good, ole-fashioned fish n’ chips. Afterall, you can even get this takeaway classic at ridgy-didge five-star restaurants these days.

So, where exactly are Australia’s best fish n chips according to Trusted Travel?

Located on the New South Wales South Coast, where Berry’s Canal joins the Crookhaven and Shoalhaven rivers, Greenwell Point is exactly the kind of coastal gem that SHOULD have great seafood. Shoes are optional, there are pelicans hanging out down by the wharf and on any given day there is a great chance you’ll see a seal lazing about in the sun.

Greenwell Point is synonymous with 3 things. Fishing, oyster farming and more fishing.

You will find a public wharf, swimming pool, new playground and a walkway along the water’s edge. And across the road from this idyllic scene, you will find a candidate for Australia’s best fish n chips.

Pelican Rocks Seafood Restaurant and Café is a multi-award winning dine-in or take-away fish café. Here you can eat the best local seafood the coast has to offer, cooked to perfection. It has been given the tick of approval as Australia’s best by the Wotif Travel Awards. It has won both People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice at the coveted Sydney Fish Market Seafood Excellence Awards.

Make sure to book in advance if you want to eat in! Especially on weekends or in school holidays.

Tip: While you’re in Greenwell Point, pop down to try some of the oysters at the shacks over by the mangroves beyond the bowling club. This places harnesses all the rustic charm of the Louisiana Bayou but with better oysters and no alligators. Jim Wild’s is probably the most well-known but during season you’ll find at least a few open on any given day.